Viewing Mail Online (INBOX offer)

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Here you will find the instructions necessary to log in to your e-mail via a web browser.
It’s easy to send and receive e-mail from the online interface, and it also has an advanced option adapted from desktop-type e-mail clients.

(This article applies to services provided by from 2017)
If you need technical assistanceContact Us or use the Online Customer Service.

Browsing mail online in a web browser

mail interface @INBOX

To open the mail interface in the browser:

  1. Go to website:
  2. Fill out the Name and Password fields appropriately:
    Name: that is your e-mail address – the entire e-mail address (ex.
    Password: password to the mailbox (pay attention to the size of the letters and the lack of spaces at the end / beginning of the password).
  3. Press „Login„. Powinien ukazać się interfejs @INBOX – poczty online.
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